Club Concierge in Switzerland

Worldwide, we service since 1997 over 600 corporate clients in 21 cities, operate 17 fulfillment centers and staff 950 client sites. We have over 1,000 concierge employees, 7,000,000 eligible customers, fulfill 2,100,000 requests annually, generate $10,000,000 (USD) in consumer spend, and have 500,000 active newsletter recipients. Club Concierge Switzerland founded 2013.

Club Concierge is, first and foremost, a customer-driven company whose prime directive is to serve our members. We are not a marketing company, or a travel emergency assistance company, or a technology company, as other firms providing concierge services tend to think of themselves. Club Concierge is, first and foremost, a global concierge company. We do know, though experience, that being an excellent concierge company makes us a superior marketing partner. Our experience has been that this type of service-focused, customer-driven culture has a tangible impact on our customer satisfaction rates and enhanced perception of our clients’ brands

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